Monday, June 8, 2009

To Be Covered in Class

We will cover as much as we can of the following:

Using the Electronic Library at USA

1. Bookmarks in the Sky!
2. Collaborative Bookmarking

1. Do on time!
2. Adding Comments. ALWAYS make comments when you read other blogs!
3. Adding links to your blog.
4. Adding pictures to your blog
5. Always click on Edit HTML Tab
6. HTML Tags
7. Layout Options

1. Storyboard
2. Reduce "Size"of pictures
3. Using Google Documents Presentation

1. Searching for Gadgets
2. Adding Gadgets
3. Removing Gadgets
4. Window Shades
5. Adding Tabs

RSS Feeds
1. Adding Feeds
2. Using Google Reader

Google Search Techniques

1. Setting up a Twitter accout
2. Following
3. Contributing
4. Using Tweet Deck

Professional Blog
1. Examples
2. Content
3. Different Blog Techniques

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