Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Generation Learning

If you are keeping up with the posts on the blog At The Teachers Desk you will have seen Mr. Fawcett's (@TeacherNZ) post on the web site New Generation Learning. It is an important site and will give you a better understanding of what is being attempted in other countries in the use of technologies and learning and will also provide you with examples of what can be done! You should read this site. Expect a modification to yur assignments which will make that assignment explicit.

And if you are not reading (and watching the associated videos and exploring the links in the posts) At The Teachers Desk in its entirety, on a regular basis, I am now making that an official assignment. At The Teachers is a fantastic resource. Read it! Watch the Videos. Explore the links. Regularly. And when you do, leave a comment for the authors. It helps them understand how readers respond to what they have written. In addition, you will be building your network of professionals who are actually contributing to education in significant ways. And furthermore, they are all over the world. And the world is quite different from Alabama!

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