Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Monday June 15 (Week 3)

What we covered:
1. Presentations
a. Sharing
b. Embeding
c. Audience
d. Chat with Audience
2. Tweet Deck
a. Follow this week
b. Create special columns for key people you are following. Shows their tweets and tweets to them (with @)
c. Direct tweets
d. Responses (@)
3. Podcast Assignments
a. Kitty and Nicole will interview me around my claim that what is needed for education is a permanent link to the internet, not classrooms as presently conducted. Be prepared to challenge this assertion with facts, arguments and examples.
b. Megan and Dana will interview me on my assertion that we have moved into a culture of "listener/watchers rather than reader writers and that the 3Rs need to be replaced with the 6 Cs. I also contend that the "Big 3" are no longer Ford, Chrysler and GM but rather Apple, Amazon and Google. Be prepared to challenge this assertion with facts, arguments and examples. See a separate post for example podcasts. The podcasts in that post are to be substituted for the podcasts referred to in your Blog Assignments.
We will practice next week and record the video and audio in week 5.
4. Weeks 4 and 5 are switched
5. I reviewed how iTunes works and encouraged you to explore the voluminous content available through iTunes which can be used for instructional purposes.
6. I asked you to review my Professional Blog as well as the Professional Blogs done by some of my students last semester. Read the instructions on Professional Blogs that can be found on the class blog. Think about the key attitudes, attributes, tools that you intend to bring to your teaching. Begin making you list. See a separate post for student examples. Also, you should read "A Letter to My Students".

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