Monday, June 15, 2009

Examples of Student Professional Blogs Spring 09

Here are some examples of the Professional Blogs created by a few of my students kast semester. They are not perfect, nor are they necessarily the best from last semester, but they are examples which should stimulate your thinking about what you would include in your Professional Blog. Yours will be different, because you are you. But you will probably learn some important things about what I want you to do in creating your Professional Blog by reading and reflecting on these samples.
Kimberly White
Christina Moore
Rachael Callahan
Amber DeVore
Megan Green
Marikate Howell
Michelle Kennedy
Helen Ramsay
Jessica Courville
John Dunlop

In addition, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you consult A Teacher's Manifesto as you work on your Professional Blog. Mr. Chamberlain has undertaken a similar effort. His colleagues have offered suggestions, amendments, questions, support, and disagreement with his "Manifesto." Read his "Manifesto" AND the comments to his post. You will find this "conversation" extremely useful as you work on your Professional Blog.

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