Monday, July 6, 2009

Course Changes

I am making these changes to the course syllabus and related assignments

Topics to be Covered in Class

July 6
Google Earth
Professional Blog
Skype delayed until 7/13 because I forgot my power supply!
More About Blogs

July 13
HTML moved to 7/6 and replaced on 7/13 with Skype
Tags and modifiers: a, font, color=, alt= title= embed close look at URLs
Picasa and Photoshop
Understanding the Internet and Cloud Computing
Creating your own cloud:

July 20
Review All Google Tools
Participate in a videocast of group discussion on the topic: "What Constitutes a Technologically Literate Teacher?" NOTE: This will be considered your Final Examination in this course - an oral video exam!

Changes to Blog Posts Assignments:

July 12
Omit #1
Substitute: Watch the three videos by Richard E. Miller (see separate post) who is Chair of the English Department at Rutgers University. Write two or more paragraphs in response to these ideas Dr. Miller sets forth and the examples he gives. Relate your comments to the podcasts we did in class as well as all of the other materials covered in class.

July 19
Omit #1
Omit #2
Watch the videos in the Post Videos for Last Blog Assignment. They will include
Next Generation Learning
Will Richardson
Networked Student
PS22 Chorus
Vicki Davis (

After watching these videos and thinking about them (and reading New Classroom Rules juts posted in a separate post), write an essay in which you set forth your answer to the question What do you have to know, be able to do, and have experienced to be a "technologically literate teacher." Remember that you have earlier discussed Karl Fisch's argument that if a teacher is not technology literate they should not be able to teach.

Then go to the open blog we will create together on July 6 and add your thoughts and ideas to that blog. If we create a Google Form as part of our development efforts tonight (July 6), you should also respond to that form.

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